Hearing Screening

Do you suspect your hearing might not be as strong as it used to be?

Hearing Screening

We use the latest technology to test your ears. We can tell within a very short time if you need to be referred to a specialist. 

Are you experiencing any hearing loss, pain, or general discomfort in your ears?

Here at JT Hearing Care we use the latest in audiologist technology to examine your ear and perform full hearing screening.

Following our thorough hearing screening process we’ll be able to advise and support accordingly.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Do I Need Hearing Screening?

There are various things that can affect your hearing, with one of the most common being the need for ear wax removal. Here are a few tell-tale signs that would make a hearing screening consultation worthwhile:

- Are you constantly asking people to speak up or repeat themselves?
- Do friends and family often comment on how loud you have the TV and radio?
- Do you have any ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears?
- When you hear things out of the ordinary, do you struggle to place where the sound is coming from?

If you’re experiencing any of the above, booking a hearing screening appointment through JT Hearing Care should be your next step.

What Happens During Hearing Screening?

Firstly, there’s nothing to worry about with our hearing screening process. Our owner, Joanne Tomkin, is fully trained using the Tympa Health system. This is a modern, technological approach to otoscopy, which results in an unintrusive hearing screening solution. She’s also a qualified midwife with many years of experience, meaning you’ll be in the safest hands possible, and you can trust that she’ll always have your best interests at heart.

One of the main benefits of using the Tympa Health system is that we can look at your ear in full HD, easily identifying wax build ups. This means we can quickly arrange and perform the remedial action of micro suction ear wax removal to get your hearing back to normal ASAP.

Of course, not all hearing problems can be solved with our ear wax removal service. Thanks to the technology we have available, our digital hearing screening services can capture HD images and videos of your ear too. We also use our 4-frequency hearing screener with headphones tested at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz, to help better understand at what levels your hearing becomes impaired.

Your hearing screening results are then digitally stored safely and securely. These digital records can then be shared with other healthcare professionals and ENT specialists, should you need to be referred. This often makes the referral process far quicker too.

What Happens After Hearing Screening?

If the results of our hearing screening process show you have a build-up of ear wax, we can book you in to have it removed. In some cases, we might even be able to do it there and then. You can find out more about our micro suction ear wax removal service by clicking here.

Whilst ear wax removal is often the treatment required, your ears can have other problems too. Where more specialist investigation and treatment is needed, we can help you obtain referrals and share your hearing screening results with doctors, NHS hospitals, and private practises. Having a thorough ear screening process done often makes the referral process faster, if required.

Adult Hearing Screening

Whilst hearing loss can happen to anyone at various stages of life, as we get older there becomes a higher chance of ear wax build-ups and other potential problems with your hearing.

With the technology we use, JT Hearing Care test the main frequencies between 500 and 4000 Hz because these are the most important frequencies for speech processing. If you think you might have a problem with your hearing, you don’t have to just put up with it. Get in touch with us.

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By booking your hearing screening appointment with JT Hearing Care, you’ll leave with a good understanding of what to do next.

Better still, if we identify an ear wax build-up, we can get you hearing properly again in no time, thanks to our one-stop-shop including micro suction ear wax removal.

Our fully trained practitioners will treat you with the utmost care and respect. You can rest assured that your hearing screening will be quick, safe, and pain-free.