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Hearing loss, pain, or general discomfort in your ears? This could be due to ear wax build-up.

Ear Wax Removal Cost

We use the latest micro-suction technology to help remove excess wax from your ears.

£50 for both ears, if you don't need it doing it's just £20

Are you experiencing any hearing loss, pain, or general discomfort in your ears?

These are all signs that you could have a problematic ear wax build-up. JT Hearing Care specialise in delivering pain-free, micro suction ear wax removal treatment. We’ll get you hearing properly again in no time.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Do I Need Professional Ear Wax Removal?

If you’re struggling to hear things or have any slight pain or discomfort in your ears, there is a strong chance you’ll have an unwanted build-up of ear wax.

These build-ups can give you problems ranging from slight inconvenience, through to pain and hearing loss. When the hearing impairments or surges of soreness get too bad, ear wax build-ups can lead to a negative impact on your overall quality of life. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Are you unsure whether ear wax removal will solve your hearing issues? JT Hearing Care also provides a robust hearing screening service once the wax has been removed.

This is where we can tell you whether you have some degree of hearing loss and advice accordingly.

This is where we look at your ear in more detail to provide an accurate assessment of any remedial action required.

How Do You Remove Ear Wax?

There are various ways you can remove ear wax, however, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence actively discourages irrigation and syringing when it comes to ear wax removal.

Although there are still practises that perform these types of procedures, we’re pleased to let you know there is a much better way…

The micro suction ear wax removal methods we adopt are by far the quickest, safest, and most painless of procedures available.

Using low pressure suction, we’re able to gently dislodge and ultimately remove any unwanted ear wax build-up.

By using our micro suction ear wax removal process, you’ll remain pain-free and comfortable throughout your session, whilst also avoiding the many risks associated with practises such as syringing.

Our method is also relatively quick, meaning no major delays in your busy schedule.

Does Ear Wax Removal Hurt?

Using the latest micro suction techniques, JT Hearing Care specialises in a completely pain-free ear wax removal procedure using the the very latest technology.

Our staff are fully trained in the Tympa Health system, which includes our pain-free micro suction ear wax removal service, and our hearing screening services.

Can I Remove My Own Ear Wax?

Your ear is designed to self-clean and having the right amount of ear wax is an important part of that. We’d strongly advise against trying to remove your own wax via cotton buds, for example.

This DIY approach might take too much wax away or risk pushing the wax further down the ear canal blocking your ears even more; potentially even causing permanent damage.

By trusting JT Hearing Care to perform your ear wax removal, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the process will be quick, gentle, and painless, thanks to our advanced micro suction techniques.

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If you need ear wax removal, done quickly, professionally, and by a fully trained practitioner, JT Hearing Care would love to help.

Thankfully, long gone are the days where ear wax removal is something to be embarrassed about or frightened of.

We’ll endeavour to make the process as comfortable as possible, making sure you can get on with the rest of the day knowing any unnecessary wax build-ups have been successfully removed.

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